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I am an honours graduate (BSc. Hons. Strath-Glasgow) coupled with an MBA-ICG (Paris) , experienced, Metallurgist - Materials Scientist and Engineer & Manager turned Consultant & Blogger. I specialised in Superalloys (aero-engine_Seminal Work peer reviewed & published IOM3_MST, Feb.1985, the 2nd issue of this now well known journal dedicated to the fundamental aspects in our multidisciplinary subject area ) My experience over a wide range of Special Alloys is extensive. (Cryogenic,Controlled Expansion-Dilatometric,Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Grades and finally HSLA-Aircraft Undercarriage. (Great Stuff-I was lucky) My responibilities were especially in Melting & Refining to 1st Forming stage. Responsibilities include QC,QA & Accounting, Melt/Remelt Process  & Products, R&D.  Bilingual English-French. 
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mercredi 24 décembre 2008

New Books - Manuals Source - Internationally Renouwned Works ASM and persomal ebooks

I have posted three links to some must reference sources for Internationally reputed Manuals and some simple tips on how to use the site search tool with key word tips.

Click The main Link here

As I remarked on my previous posts the full Manuals which interest me and brought me, again, to the "Scribd site" are very weighty (60Mo!) and download is slow but for the quality of the offer the time is well spent. Not all document are of this size. This reminds me I must upload my own ebook on project management to the Scribd website.

vendredi 19 décembre 2008

NAP-National Academy Publications -New Widgets, Share Functions, Online Access

NAP are in the process of redesigning their online presentation using a rather neat Widget, proposing attractive report cover images and buttons for easy access to free online reading short summaries (pdf), executive summaries (pdf) and RSS feed printing individual pages and of course a paid print edition. Although outwardly similar in form, my own humble first "SpringWidget ®" for feed presentation and sharing-distribution, is pale in comparison.

Examples are given in the LHS - Left Hand Side Menu.

A short introduction to The National Academies, USA and NAP was posted recently on the main "This- Above - All" page

Good reading and many good wishes over the festive season. "A guid new year tae one and awe" - A good new year to one and all - Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année 2009.