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I am an honours graduate (BSc. Hons. Strath-Glasgow) coupled with an MBA-ICG (Paris) , experienced, Metallurgist - Materials Scientist and Engineer & Manager turned Consultant & Blogger. I specialised in Superalloys (aero-engine_Seminal Work peer reviewed & published IOM3_MST, Feb.1985, the 2nd issue of this now well known journal dedicated to the fundamental aspects in our multidisciplinary subject area ) My experience over a wide range of Special Alloys is extensive. (Cryogenic,Controlled Expansion-Dilatometric,Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Grades and finally HSLA-Aircraft Undercarriage. (Great Stuff-I was lucky) My responibilities were especially in Melting & Refining to 1st Forming stage. Responsibilities include QC,QA & Accounting, Melt/Remelt Process  & Products, R&D.  Bilingual English-French. 
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mardi 1 décembre 2009

Chemical Sensing and Imaging Technology (hyperspectral imaging) to monitor (and model) vegetation globally will certainly help improve strategies to mitate CO2 emission behaviour and help measure the effects of Climate Change

The game's up - No weed, hopefully will go un-noticed by this most powerful COP (slang for policeman).

As the world, "once again" will meet to discuss GWG-global warming gases notebly CO2 emissions and Climate Change in Copenhagen (COP15) David Bannon CEO of Headwell Photonics reports in Nature Photonics Nov.09 Vol 3 p629 and acknowledges this Hyperspectral chemical sensing and imaging contribution from in two important US Space Agencies Sigma Space Centre and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre's Dr. Elizabeth Middleton.

Read the full story at the links provided. This extract focuses on Box 1 of the article but the principles of hyperspectral chemical sensing and imagery are delt with in D.Bannon's article.

Acknowledgement: My Complimentary-Trial paper edition of Nature Photonics.

in reference to: http://www.headwallphotonics.com/downloads/Hyperspectral-Nature-Photonics-Nov09.pdf (view on Google Sidewiki)

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

When Charles Darwin, FRS,(12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) dared not publish: "On the Origins of Species "(1859) until after his death

Science and scientists in Victorian and Edwardian literary novels: insights into the emergence of a new profession, Public Understand. Sci. 16 (2007) 205–222 comes as good reminder of, who the authors of the time were, and, of their efforts and those of the literary world to bring Science to the wider Public.

This and much else is perhaps very much taken for granted today so a word "In Memoriam" for these early writers is surely merited. What is the situation in USA on evolution ...Sage Publications most probably do not readily reach the wider public unless comments appear via the press and internet news. Hint Hint.

This paper is due to Nicolas Russell, who Acknowledges "Members of the Humanities Programme at Imperial College London commented on earlier drafts of this paper, and several anonymous reviewers have looked at drafts carefully. Responding to their comments has greatly improved this paper, and I thank everyone involved for their critiques.

Comments welcome cf also my blogs

en référence à : Science and scientists in Victorian and Edwardian literary novels: insights into the emergence of a new profession -- Russell 16 (2): 205 -- Public Understanding of Science (afficher sur Google Sidewiki)

Public harassement of Science? and Environmental

I came across this paper refering to post WWII relationships between Government and Science and thougth I would give it a mention, a recommendation, if such is required.

If readers have comments to add thisand all sage catelogue is freely available for three or four more days, to 31Oct 2009 ,

Malthus at mid-century: neo-Malthusianism as bio-political governance in the post-WWII
United States

"The paper provides a discursive history of neo-Malthusianism in the United States, focusing primarily on the mid-20th century. In the process, the author, K. Schlosser of the Dept of Geography and Geology West Kentucky Univ. critically examine texts invoking Malthusian arguments in relation to the politics of
sex and birth control, class and eugenics, and race and geopolitics, focusing on how they rendered human population growth intelligible in particularly reductive and naturalistic ways. The purpose is to show how this history impinges upon the construction of population-resource theory after WWII, focusing specifically on William Vogt’s book, "Road to survival" and Fairfield Osborn’s book, "Our plundered planet." K. Schlosser argues that the production and circulation of generalized
models of population-induced conflict in the post-war United States was an important part of the nationalization and government harnessing of science in the name of national security, and relevant to post-war developmentalism and early Cold War containment doctrine. This helps us understand how neo-Malthusian discourse has been deployed as a form of bio-political governance.

en référence à : Malthus at mid-century: neo-Malthusianism as bio-political governance in the post-WWII United States -- Schlosser 16 (4): 465 -- Cultural Geographies (afficher sur Google Sidewiki)

vendredi 9 octobre 2009

Workaholism in Cross-Cultural Research from Sage Publications_more reading free to 31 OctO9

This note brings more work-related problem themes to the readers attention, this time from Cross-Cultural Research Journal, one among many helpful journals on science management, business, medicine, society...of apparently increasing relevence in recent times of crises.

This wiki post follows my two previous blog entries on my "This-Above-All" pages ( ref. Advances in Development of "Human Resources") my rapid review of management themes via Sage's Global online free acess to 31 Oct2009 aided greatly by Googles Toolbar new Sidewiki widget.

Join me as a reader and reviewer of your prefered Sage Journal. There is a serious journal here for every one's preoccupation whatever that may be.


in reference to: Cross-Cultural Research -- Table of Contents (November 2009, 43 [4]) (view on Google Sidewiki)

Insights on Emerging Trends and the Future of Human Resource Development

Hot on my rapid reviews of Advances in Developing Human Resources (a change from my professional origines in Materials, Minerals and Mining). The foresight focus of my management and MBA blog can hardly ignore this paper, Abstract and link below. Hopefully the DRH's et al will recover from the 2008 financial crises and 2009 considered by The Economist to be the year of the CFO-Chief Financial Officer.

Normally managers who share my professional discipline as a metallurgist and materials scienctist and engineer do not mistake natural physical resources, dead matter as opposed to the human-kind. Could using hard science concepts for the very much softer shorter-life variety be at the problem at heart?
The problem and the solution. The future holds countless challenges. The future cannot be known, and it must not be ignored. Understanding trends and indicators emerging today helps us to proactively think about potential future developments and positions us to constructively shape them. This article reports on a survey of 55 human resource development (HRD) and HRD-related practitioners and academics who identified trends, variables, and challenges that they believe are affecting and will affect the profession during the next 15 to 20 years. by

Ruona, W. E. A., Lynham, S. A., & Chermack, T. J. (2003). Insights on emerging
trends and the future of human resource development. Advances in Developing
Human Resources, 5(3), 272-282
Univ. of Georgia, Texas A&M Univ., Univ. of Minnesota resp.

The problem and the solution. The future holds countless challenges. The future cannot be known, and it must not be ignored. Understanding trends and indicators emerging today helps us to proactively think about potential future developments and positions us to constructively shape them. This article reports on a survey of 55 human resource development (HRD) and HRD-related practitioners and academics who identified trends, variables, and challenges that they believe are affecting and will affect the profession during the next 15 to 20 years.

Key words:emerging trends; HRD future role; HRD challenges

in reference to: Sidewiki - Toolbar Help (view on Google Sidewiki)

Advances in Developing of Human Resources_Sage Free Online to 31 Oct09

Here in France one cannot avoid being moved by unusually high levels of work-related suicides. The current record is apparently held by France Telecom following previously notorious results at Renault-Techno Centre and Peugot Car manufacturers. Sage free access gives acces to many peer reviewed journals on management... more than I can ever hope to read. But on my first glance at Advances in Developing Human Resources let me bring your attention to the importance of the back to basics approach, freely available paper by Richard A. Swanson, intitled "The Foundations of Performance
Improvement and Implications
for Practice" written in 1999. cf. link

The Problem and the Solution . A problem faced by almost all organizations,
and by those who work in them, is in meeting the constant demand for high
performance The demand for high performance affects everything, from assunng
sustainable financial growth of the organization to satisfying the next customer
standing at the front counter But without a holistic mental model of performance
and the theoretical elements that drive it, practitioners are left with the task of
dissecting and interpreting each situation they face Or even worse, they simply
charge ahead in a trial-and-error mode Performance improvement theory results
in powerful and practical principles and models to help practitioners identify and
solve performance problems

in reference to: Advances in Developing Human Resources (view on Google Sidewiki)

samedi 12 septembre 2009

Create your own twitter logo

Here is a nice site to create your very own twitter logo.

You will find examples on almost all my pages.

mardi 23 juin 2009

Tavistock Institute and Sage_Human Relations Journal - download free articles today

Free sample issues of most, if not all Journals and special issues of
Sage Management's Human Relations Journal, Free online downloads today:

Special Issue Call for publications:
Sensemaking, organizing and storytelling
submissions must fit with the Aim and Scope of Human Relations – please see: Tavistock Institute's J of Human Relations Call

The Tavistock Institute
ps with fond memories of my first in-company training as a student in metallurgy at Glacier Metal and their joint project with Tavistock Inst "The Glacier Project" in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Glacier Metal Project:
1. cf Google books on ref to The Glacier Metal Project.

2. Link from Accel

3. Abstract from Emaraldinsight:

The Glacier Metal Company is one of the largest manufacturers of plain bearings in Europe. Their products are used largely in the motor car industry, but extend to all areas of engineering application. The considerable interest shown by the company in industrial relations problems had caught the attention of researchers at the end of the Second World War. When the Human Factors Panel of the Committee of Industrial Productivity financed a research project into the sources of group stress in industry, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was asked to conduct this research. The Institute chose the Glacier Metal Company as one of the very few which could provide the collaborative basis for such a creative research, which became known as the Glacier Project. The author of this article was a member of the original research team which commenced its study in 1948.
Article URL:


Glacier Project Papers

by Elliott Jaques & Wilfred Brown

For seventeen years, the Glacier Metal Company maintained a continuous analysis of all aspects of its organization as an integral part of sound management. Out of this basic material there emerged a profound contribution to modern industrial theory and practice. In this book-the eighth in the series of publications from the Glacier Project-are collected a group of fifteen papers by Wilfred Brown, Chairman of the company, and Elliott Jaques, who was consultant social-analyst throughout the project. Most of these papers were prepared for the purpose of teaching at the Glacier Institute of Management. The questions they address cover the whole range of organizational problems and issues.

mercredi 10 juin 2009

Link to post: SAGE Materials Science & Engineering Journals Current free trial runs till 30 June09

SAGE Materials Science & Engineering Journals Current free trial runs till 30 June09.

Sage encourages scientists, technologists and engineers to register for their latest free trials, which among others gives access to SAGE Materials Science & Engineering Journals until June 30, 2009.

Link to Materials Science and Engineering pages

lundi 8 juin 2009

Chrome introduced by PCWizKid

Following my last post, as an avid Google user and early Yahoo fan here is the link to the YouTube video introducing Google Chrome 2.

Chrome 2, helpful Introduction thanks to PCWizKid. cf. also my RHS menu bar.

Chrome Reviewed by PCWizKid 11 Dec 2008

Tools_Video introduces and explains features on new browsers IE8, Firefox3 and Chrome

Due to the increasing offers of new browsers, I decided to vision a tool, in fact a Video.
I found it particularly helpful. It was very instructive and easy to follow.
I believe that both relative newcomers and experienced surfers alike will benefit from it. Well worth sharing, I have added a link to my Useful-Indispensable tools RHS menu bar. cf also a reader fast find link below.

Video LINK .

jeudi 16 avril 2009

Bob-Metcalfe-Internet-History-Applied-To-Solving-Energy_Imaginative and Thought provoking

Foresight-Hindsight by Bob Metcalfe - published slides freely available site Scribd as
"Bob Metcalfe-Internet-History-Applied-To-Solving-Energy_Imaginative and Thought provoking."

I have just added a new link to my RHS-right hand side menu in the Free Foresight books slides list.

The link to no less than 60 slides, related to the Internet's past contributions to the energy debates from the early days to the present day. Bob Metcalfe's approach suggests that Internet has a strong potential to contribute substantially to solving the current energy-climate crisis.

NB. It is now well established that "easy to harness fossil energy has reached it's "practical" limit on two counts (1) due to it's role in the man made contribution to global warming and (2) due to the limited resources of relatively easy to use fossil fuel, petrol gas and eventually the still dirtiest of all coal. (without CCS -carbon capture and sequestration which is today's situation and several countries notably China's et Al's "Option for the Future" ).

"Bob Metcalfe-Internet-History-Applied-To-Solving-Energy_Imaginative and Thought provoking."

mercredi 18 mars 2009

Energy Executive Book Choices 2008-2009 - One in English one in French _ Translation? _ Just ask.

My Energy Executive Book Choices 2008-2009.

Two very good back-ground books to read and to use. Both are easily accessible musts for the energ executive and most useful for the general public. Although one is in french -perhaps I can help.

1. Energy Basics - Energy Balance _ Production capacity (hard work and Jobs?) vs Consumption (Too easy for human and planetary good?)
Title Without Hot Air by David J.C. MacKay free online or buy the print edition.

2. Energy and Economy policy for "Human Economy is essentially about how mankind transforms limited natural resources to make usefuln desirable products and services." quoted from the authers of:"C'est maintenant, 3 ans pour sauver le monde," (trans_ Now is the time-3 years to save the World) by Jean-Mark Jancovici et Alain GrandJean in french.

samedi 14 février 2009

4. New Lessor Known Tools from Google, Google Insights for Search Tools, Videos available

Most informative. Try it out -no risk.
1. Google traffic estimator sandbox
Traffic Estimator
Get quick traffic estimates for new keywords without adding them to an account or using the AdWords sign-up wizard.
2. Adwords Keyword calculator
Don't be scared by the the pay-for Adword service here it's free for 1st order limited but highly informative use to bloggers.

Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas. Select an option below to enter a few descriptive words or phrases, or type in your website's URL. Keyword Tool Tips

WARNING from GOOGLE "Important note: We cannot guarantee that these keywords will improve your campaign performance. We reserve the right to disapprove any keywords you add. You are responsible for the keywords that you select and for ensuring that your use of the keywords does not violate any applicable laws."

Normally the intelligent user will write his post and ideas. The keyword tool may be useful to improve the bloggers choice of subjects to blog or when a multiple word choice may be allowed to express the same idea or concept.

I trust Google will be ethical in rewarding effort?

3. Google Search based KW tool
The Search-based Keyword Tool provides keyword ideas:Based on actual Google search queries.
Readers will also find these links on my Google Tools side bar menu RHS.

4. Google Insights for Search tool
See what the world is searching for.


samedi 10 janvier 2009

Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com_New Widget_Enhanced Reader Experience

Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

New Year Best Wishes _Up-date to previous post Current Free online access to Stanford CA-USA Based SAGE journals

Earlier this year, SAGE celebrated the launch of the 500th journal site on the SAGE Journals Online platform. SAGE Journals Online provides users access to one of the largest collections of social science, humanities, and scientific, technical, and medical content in the world."

Unfortuneately one of the rare good things in 2008 has long ended.

As a New Year Wish I trust SAGE will celebrate the New Year 2009, the New President, and a more responsible in-tune global approach.

Personnally I shall be especially interested in Concurrent Engineering Approaches, a Sage Speciallity.

Cheers and many thanks for Sage USA-UK effort in 2008.